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When we decided to renovate our dated 1962 home, we had a certain “look” in mind. Chris helped us to refine and improve our ideas. His recommendations helped us to go beyond our original vision. His attention to detail and relationships with the suppliers and trades involved helped us to accomplish a wonderful end result. Without headaches! We would happily recommend Chris to anyone. Thank you for helping us to realize our dream – it’s everything we hoped for, and more.

John McLeary
Owner, John McLeary Antique Restoration


In 2019, I purchased a condo in Tampa. A 2005 build, it was more than tired: beige carpet, cheap cabinetry and fixtures, and weird colour choices, courtesy of the previous owner. A proposed second home, I wanted to modernize within a reasonable budget. Working from photos, videos, and floor plans, Chris did just that: he created a bright, clean suite that took full advantage of natural light. The finishes, fixtures, and furnishings were perfect. Sadly, I had to sell this year. In 25 showings, at least 20 of the realtors said it was the nicest unit they’d seen.

David Marston


It’s a joy for me to be able to work with a designer who knows what he wants but is also flexible. A rare find.

Philip Doble
Project Manager, G. Pederson & Associates Inc.


We’d recommend Chris Oliver to anyone who wants to see an impressive difference in their space. Like all good designers, Chris has a superb eye. But like too few professional creatives, he also has a great ear. He listens to understand a client’s concerns, asks questions to confirm what he’s heard, then goes off to think. When he returns, he brings solutions and options that you were hoping for, plus several more that you didn’t realize you wanted. Together you narrow the options until you’ve arrived at a place where you’re thrilled.

Steven Bochenek & Lindsay Craik


We had a turn-of-the-century vestibule dating back to the early 1900s. We wanted to preserve the feel of the original while also modernizing it. Chris met all our expectations. He made our lives easier by showing us options and coordinating the project. We’re very pleased with the results.

Hevina Dashwood


Transformative without being revolutionary: that’s what we were hoping for in our kitchen and master bath upgrade. We’re so glad we took Chris’s advice: his gentle prodding persuaded us to think beyond what existed. We had been overwhelmed by the decision-making. In presenting layout and finish options, he gave us focus, and helped us realize our vision. Thank you, Chris.

Sherry Zarins


I considered myself fortunate to find a coveted suite in an architecturally significant older building. But the suite was showing its age – and then some. Advice from friends: “You must hire a designer. Someone who knows the ins-and-outs of renovation, knows who’s out there, understands the building, can communicate with the trades, and guide you through the process.” My second great stroke of luck was connecting with Chris Oliver. He understood my vision – often when I only partially understood it myself. He has realized that vision, to my delight. My trust and respect he earned early. He now has my everlasting gratitude.

John Lownsbrough


For me, Chris has been an invaluable resource. He is a consumate professional with an architect’s eye and a designer’s attention to detail. He is great to work with and patient with his client. As a landcape architect with my own creative ideas Chris helped me navigate a myriad of unfamiliar design decisions. With Chris’ guidance I achieved my goal, a contemporary, functional, and lovely Guest Bathroom. I could not have achieved the same result without him. Thank you Chris.

Susan Macaulay
Landscape Architect


My husband and I hired Chris to help us complete the redecorating of our family room. I had been handling the project myself but became overwhelmed by all the decisions required. Chris addressed all of my concerns with professional advice and creative ideas that complimented the existing furniture. He supplied scaled floor plans and elevations, furniture photos, and fabric swatches. Chris was unfailingly pleasant, courteous, and responsive to my e-mails and phone calls. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Chris very highly.

Elaine Markowitz


I have engaged Chris several times for his unique design insights and project management expertise. He has shown exemplary vision in modernizing the office while also making our small space more efficient. Recently Chris was instrumental in coordinating the repainting of a mural on the side of my building. This has dramatically increased the presence of my business in the community. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs a design specialist.

Geoffrey Dashwood
Barrister & Solicitor, Dashwood & Dashwood


Chris has the two great qualities of having thorough knowledge of the design world and being really easy to work with. He can navigate both clients and collaboration with other professionals and is one of the go-to people that we recommend regularly.

Betsy Williamson
Partner, Williamson & Williamson Architects


I avoided re-furnishing the main floor of my home because I was concerned the costs would be prohibitive. With a very modest budget, Chris helped me transform my living and dining rooms into spaces I now love. My friends are amazed at what we accomplished with very limited resources. Now I’m looking forward to tackling the rest of the house!

Victoria Fusca
Principal, ScoutTV


Chris has been an extraordinary resource. It’s lovely to find someone with great taste who could create an overall plan to guide our work together. He’s been incredibly patient as I introduced pieces and did renovations over a period of years. And I’m confident we’ll do more together in the future.

Toronto-based author and entrepreneur


We’re always happy to work with Chris. His no nonsense approach to project management – from quotation to construction – makes the whole process work.

Mike Tafts
President, G. Pederson & Associates Inc.


I have worked with Chris on the House & Landscape Committee of our co-op condominium complex for the past four years. Chris is the committee's design expert. The buildings are known for their simple, elegant, award-winning design which must be respected at all times. Chris is collegial, cooperative, efficient, has an incisive eye for clean design and an excellent sense of colour. Chris' expert eye can survey a 9'x12' room, note poorly utilized storage space, and identify and recommend in an instant what cabinetry and furniture would work best for space, efficiency, and design within the client's budget. He is a pleasure to work with.

Cynthia Smith
Chair, House & Landscape Committee, Avoca Apartments Ltd.


After 17 years in our previous location moving presented challenges and opportunities. The special needs of an auction house dealing in prestige items and a high net worth clientele required a unique skill set. Chris was exceptional at solving our design challenges. His vision for our corporate image was thoroughly considered and well rendered bringing about a modern and stylish environment that represents us perfectly.

Duncan Parker
Vice President, Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers


I’ve watched Chris transform the most unlikely properties (whether apartment, townhouse, or condo) into open, inviting, and livable gems. He tackles awkward space with spatial smarts and a keen eye. No matter the challenge, he sees possibility, and his client ends up with a vibrant, contemporary, and livable home.

Barnaby Southgate
Senior Specialist, Content Writer, SickKids Foundation