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604-10 Avoca Ave., Toronto

Renovation of a small guest bathroom

1401-10 Avoca Ave., Toronto

Complete renovation of an 850 sq/ft one bed-
room/one bath residence in a 1960’s Modernist
co-op building

1102-20 Avoca Ave., Toronto

Update of a small master bathroom

42 Macherson Ave., Toronto

Renovation of a Master Bathroom & Kitchen

95 Whitehall Rd., Toronto

Renovation of a small Master Bathroom

2111-24 Wellesley St. W., Toronto

Space planning for an 1,800 sq/ft two bed-
room/two bath residence

441 Merton St., Toronto

Living Room refurnishing

202-2900 Yonge St., Toronto

Complete renovation of a 2,700 sq/ft four bed-
room/three bath residence


961 Kingston Rd., Toronto

Renovation and update of a store-front real
estate lawyer’s office

900-1200 Bay St., Toronto

Finishes and furnishings for Reception Area,
Showroom, Offices, and Kitchen of a high-end jewellery auctioneer